Carlos Alberto the next coach of Iraq: Will it be Parreira or Torres?

FA president Hussein Saeed has reportedly stated as widely reported in the local media that Brazilian Carlos Alberto is the clear favourite to land the job to lead the national side at the Gulf Cup in Yemen and the Asian Cup in Doha next year

The former Al-Talaba marksman vying for another term in the Iraq FA hotseat, has been vague on which Carlos Alberto he is really talking about.

He has hinted that it is South Africa’s current coach Carlos Alberto Parreira, one of the most respected coaches in world football, though there has been nothing from the Brazilian to suggest that he would take such a job after the World Cup.

There is the other Carlos Alberto, the 1970 Brazilian World Cup captain, Carlos Alberto Torres, who is the most likely person. The coach, who previously managed Oman and Azerbaijan, was pictured on the front page of the Iraqi sports newspaper Al-Mondial.

As usual, there have been conflicting statements about the naming of a new coach from the FA, something that Hussein Saeed has exploited in the past to keep fans guessing.

According to Hakim Shaker, one of the people on the seven-man committee to name a new coach, told Aswat Al-Iraq on Wednesday that four coaches were on the FA’s final list, they are Serbia coach Radomir Antić, Brazilian Carlos Alberto, Tom Saintfiet from Belgium and former national coach Bora Milutinović, with Serbia’s coach Antić the clear favourite.

One word of caution, don’t expect there to be any truth in any statements made by the current FA until after the elections are held.


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