Wolfgang Sidka favourite for Iraq job

After more than a month of discussions by the FA committee, it now looks like former Bahrain coach German Wolfgang Sidka is favourite for the job.

Wolfgang Sidka

The FA (making the whole procedure seem like a Turkish soap opera) has now formed another committee to hold talks with first choice Sidka and the second choice Serbian coach Zoran Djordjevic about taking the job.

Secretary General of the FA, Tariq Ahmed told Aswat Al-Iraq that the new committee would consist of President Hussein Saeed, vice-president Najih Humoud and officials Sabah Mohammed Mustafa and Dr. Kadhim Al-Rubaie.

A deadline had been set for July 1. (Don’t hold your breath)

He added that the FA had held talks with Fatih Terim in Turkey, where the Iraqi youth team is holding a training camp, about the possibility of the former coach of Turkey and AC Milan coaching Iraq however the coach told the Iraqi delegation that he was thinking over a move to a top European club.


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