28/05/2012, Atatürk Olympic Stadium, İkitelli, Istanbul – 150
SCORER: Karrar Jassim 5′ (1-0), Lemponye Tshireletso 90′(+1) (1-1)

IRAQ: (4-5-1)
[12] Mohammed Kasid [Al-Talaba] [52/0]
[16] Samal Saeed [Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya] [54/2]
[15] Ali Hussein Rahema [Al-Wakra-QAT] [86/1]
[14] Salam Shaker [Al-Khor-QAT] [46/2]
[3] Basim Abbas [Nadi Baghdad] [87/1]
[4] Qusai Munir [Nadi Baghdad] [83/6]
[6] >88′ Farid Majeed [Al-Shurta] [20/0]
[20] Muthanna Khalid [Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya] [29/0]
[5] Nashat Akram [Al-Wakra-QAT] [c] [106/16]
[17] >75′ Alaa Abdul-Zahra [Nadi Qatar-QAT] [47/10]
[13] Karrar Jassim [Shahin Bushehr FC-IRN] [48/5]
[7] > Emad Mohammed [Sepahan Isfahan-IRN] [102/26]
[11] Hawar Mulla Mohammed [Zob Ahan Isfahan-IRN] [110/18]
[9] >88′ Mustafa Karim [Al-Ittihad Alexandria-EGY] [43/6]
[27] Hamadi Ahmed [Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya] [3/0]
[23] >75′ Ali Salah [Al-Wahdat-JOR] [8/0]
COACH: “Zico” Arthur Antunes Coimbra (Brazil)

BOTSWANA: 16 Kabelo Dambe (1 Noah Maposa 46′); 2 Ndiyapo Letshelatebe [c], 4 Mmusa Ohilwe, 14 Oscar Obuile Ncenga, 20 Edwin Olerile; 6 Ofentse Nato, 8 Phenyo Mongala, 10 Jackie Mothathego, 11 Mogakolodi Ngele; 17 Joel Mogorosi, 3 Jerome Ramatlhakwane / 12 Lemponye Tshireletso, 13 Tebogo Sembowa, 19 Galabgwe Moyana, 5 Kekaetswe ‘Mara’ Moloi, 24 Tshepo Motlhabankwe.
COACH: Stanley Hunter Tshosane

Referee: Hüseyin Göçek (Turkey)
Linesmen: Serkan Ok (Turkey) & Aleks Taşçıoğlu (Turkey)
Fourth Official: Halis Özkahya (Turkey)
Caution: Ofentse Nato.
Note: On the bench were 22 Nour Sabri, 1 Mohammed Hamed, 2 Ahmed Ibrahim, 19 Hussam Kadhim, 24 Walid Bahr, 18 Mahdi Karim, 26 Ibrahim Kamil, 6 Farid Majeed, 7 Emad Mohammed, 10 Younis Mahmoud, 17 Alaa Abdul-Zahra, 9 Mustafa Karim, 8 Loay Salah, 23 Ali Salah.
The 21 man squad of Botswana included Jackie Motlhatego, Moemedi Moatlhaping, Moreetsi Mosimanyana.


23/05/2012, Atatürk Olympic Stadium, İkitelli, Istanbul – 200
SCORER: Nashat Akram 4′ (1-0)

IRAQ: (4-5-1)
[12] Mohammed Kasid [Al-Talaba] [51/0]
[16] Samal Saeed [Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya] [53/2]
[15] Ali Hussein Rahema [Al-Wakra-QAT] [85/1]
[24] Walid Bahr [Al-Shurta] [3/0]
[3] Basim Abbas [Nadi Baghdad] [86/1]
[26] Ibrahim Kamil [Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya] [5/0]
[25] >72′ Abbas Hussein Rahema [Al-Talaba] [1/0]
[20] Muthanna Khalid [Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya] [28/0]
[29] >82′ Farid Majeed [Al-Shurta] [19/0]
[5] Nashat Akram [Al-Wakra-QAT] [105/16]
[7] >62′ Emad Mohammed [Sepahan Isfahan-IRN] [101/26]
[13] Karrar Jassim [Shahin Bushehr FC-IRN] [47/4]
[9] >82′ Mustafa Karim [Al-Ittihad Alexandria-EGY] [42/6]
[11] Hawar Mulla Mohammed [Zob Ahan Isfahan-IRN] [109/18]
[17] >88′ Alaa Abdul-Zahra [Nadi Qatar-QAT] [46/10]
[10] Younis Mahmoud [c] [Al-Wakra-QAT] [103/40]
[27] >62′ Hamadi Ahmed [Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya] [2/0]
COACH: “Zico” Arthur Antunes Coimbra (Brazil)

COACH: John Keister

Referee: Halis Özkahya (Turkey)
Linesmen: Aleks Taşçıoğlu (Turkey) & Serkan Ok (Turkey)
Fourth Official: Hüseyin Göçek (Turkey)
Cautions: Christian Caulker 85′.
Note: Coach John Keister took charge of the Sierra Leone side for the game despite Swedish coach Lars Olof Mattsson and his assistant Jens Anderson having taken charge of the training sessions in Turkey. As majority of the players were home based, Keister who had named the home based squad and trained the players took charge. Keister had previously been appointed by the Sierra Leone FA while Mattsson had been named by the country’s Sports Ministry until a meeting between the Sports Ministry and the FA confirmed that Mattsson would be coach, with Keister as one of his assistants with fellow countryman Lamine Bangoura. The Swedish based Ahmed Yasin was not named among the substitutes along with Samar Saeed. This came two days after the European based players David Haidar, Yaser Kasim, Osama Rashid and Anmar Al-Mubaraki were not named in the Under 22 Olympic team by Hakim Shaker. According to insiders the decision came on the orders of the Iraq FA. It does seem that the members of the Iraq FA have a touch of diasporaphobia, many young players have been turned away because they live abroad, could the reason be that air fares from Europe to the Middle East cost more and that FA members are worried that could be forced to fly economy class to pay for these talented professionals to represent Iraq. This is why Iraq will lose the talents of Jiloan Hamad and Rawez Lawan, who recently won a League Championship title in Denmark. It does seem that the FA have made a decision in their inner circle not to select players from abroad but have not publicly announced this to fans. In other news FA president Najih Humoud continues his travels around the world and will jet in from Budapest for Iraq’s final warm-up match on Saturday against Botswana. Money well spent, I say.