Iraq 2-1 Egypt U-23

27/06/2011, Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal Stadium, Jeddah – 200
IRAQ 2-1 EGYPT U23 [HT 0-1]
SCORERS: Saleh Aoda Saleh Gomaa 45′ (+4) pen  (0-1), Mustafa Karim 49′ (1-1), Alaa Abdul-Zahra 74′ (2-1)

IRAQ: (4-5-1)
[22]    Nour Sabri                       [Al-Najaf]
[16]     Samal Saeed                   [Foolad Khuzestan-IRN]
[19]    Hussam Kadhim            [Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya]
[2]   Ahmed Ibrahim                [Arbil]
[14]    Salam Shaker [c]            [Al-Khor-QAT]
[6]     Farid Majeed                    [Al-Shurta]
[5]     Ibrahim Kamil                 [Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya]
[23]    >46′ Ahmed Yasin        [Örebro SK-SWE]
[18]    Mahdi Karim                   [Arbil]
[17]  Alaa Abdul-Zahra           [Nadi Qatar-QAT]
[9]     Mustafa Karim                 [Al-Ittihad Alexandria-EGY]
[15]     >95′ Walid Bahr             [Al-Shurta]
[7]     Ali Salah                             [Al-Wahdat-JOR]
[8]     >46′ Hamadi Ahmed      [Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya]
COACH: “Zico” Arthur Antunes Coimbra (Brazil)

EGYPT U23: 1 Ali Lotfi Ibrahim Mostafa; 2 Salah Mohamed Soliman Ibrahim El-Fasouki, 5 Mahmoud Alaa El-Din Mahmoud, 20 Omar Mahmoud Sayed Gaber, 13 Ali Fathy Omar; 8 Shehab El-Din Ahmed Saad Ahmed Saad [c] (17 Amro “Amr” Hassan Zaki 77′), 14 Hossam Hassan Mohammed Abdullah, 19 Ahmed Abdul-Basit Ali Mohammed Sherwida (6 Mohammed Ibrahim Abou Al-Yazid Al-Shenawy 70′), 7 Saleh Aoda Saleh Gomaa; 9 Marwan Mohsen Fahmy, 18 Ahmed Magdi Saad Mohamed (10 Ahmed Eid Abdel Malek 58′)
COACH: Hany Guda Ramzy

Referee: Abdullah Balideh Dor Mohammad Al-Buloushi (Qatar)
Linesmen: Ramzan Saeed Al-Ramazani (Qatar) & Ibrahim Mubarak Sabit Mousa Salih (Bahrain)
Fourth Official: Abdul-Rahman Al-Amri (Saudi Arabia)
Cautions: Ibrahim Kamil 38′, Hussam Kadhim 45′ (+1), Samal Saeed 62′, Salah Mohamed Soliman Ibrahim El-Fasouki 69′, Saleh Aoda Saleh Gomaa 76′,  Mahmoud Alaa El-Din Mahmoud 87′, Mustafa Karim 89′.
Note: Hussam Kadhim adjudged to have fouled Ahmed Abdul-Basit Ali Mohammed Sherwida holding him back. Saleh Gomaa scored from the penalty with a low shot to Nour Sabri’s left. However the referee called for the penalty to be re-taken after an Egyptian player Marwan Mohsen had encroached in the penalty box. Saleh Gomaa this time scored to Nour’s right, with the Iraqi keeper jumping over the ball and getting a hand to it but injurying his right wrist as he fell on it. Two minutes injury time in first half, with the penalty in the last minute of injury time, the match ended on 49:50secs. Egypt played the first four minutes of the second half with 10 men after Saleh Gomaa was told by the fourth official to change his footwear, and Iraq scored when he was off the field. In the 51st minute, the fourth official indicated to the referee to team manager Riyadh Abdul-Abbas had entered the technical area to protest with the linesmen over a decision and his name was taken by the fourth official reading his ID pass and was sent to the stands.



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