Zico: “No, I do not know if I’m going back, I find it hard”

Zico looks like cutting ties with the Iraq national side after he confirmed on Monday that he has gone four months without pay and may go to FIFA if it is not resolved.

“In the next 10 days, will complete five months without pay. If I have not been paid until now, I think I will not be paid in 10 days,” he told Folha by phone on Monday afternoon.

“No, I do not know if I’m going back, I find it hard,” he added. Besides him, Edu his brother and assistant and fitness coach Moraci face the same problems, according to the former Brazil star. They have not been paid for the last eight months, and were not in Jeddah for the Arab Cup.

Zico was appointed coach of Iraq in late August 2011 and less than a year later may leave the job because of problems with the country’s FA. On Monday, the former Flamengo player said that the Iraqis were not meeting the financial arrangement with himself and his coaching staff – as mentioned on Lauro Jardim’s column on the Radar Online website “I do not know if I will return to Iraq, they are not fulfilling contractual obligations. Business is one: just deposit has been paid to me and divided among other members of the technical staff.”

After arriving for the third edition of the Zico Soccer Clinic in Miami, Zico first made comments displaying his dissatisfaction with the Iraq FA.
“The FA is very complicated from there. I am entering the fifth month without salary. If they do not pay me, I am not coming back. If they pay everything back,” Zico told http://www.zicosocceracademy.com on July 17. His brother and assistant coach, Edu Coimbra, and goalkeeping Moraci Santana are in a worse situation, having not been paid for eight months. On Thursday 19 July, Zico reached Rio and will remain in Brazil until the problem is resolved. He had left Jeddah to spend two days in New York with his grandson Arthur Junior along with his wife Sandra before flying off to Miami to take part in his Soccer Clinic from July 10-14.

“Our next game is with Japan on September 11. It is a pity, the players will be upset because we have a good chance to qualify for the World Cup,” he says. If the team qualifies, it will be the second time that Iraq will play at a World Cup. The only time it qualified, the technical team included his brothers, Edu Coimbra and his late Antunes. By the end of the month, if the mess continues, Zico plans to appeal in FIFA.


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