CAS Tribunal starts on September 28 2012

The CAS case will start on September 28 2012 at the CAS Headquarters at Château de Béthusy Avenue de Beaumont 2, Lausanne. The Tribunal Arbitral du Sport (TAS)/ Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) will hear infringements associated with Iraq FA’s electoral process last year.

The appellants that include Falah Hassan, Mahmoud Jassim Zaboun, Al-Zawraa, Al-Najaf, Al-Ramadi, Al-Samawa, Al-Hudoud FC, Mosul, Al-Anbar FA, Arbil FA, and the Al-Najaf FA hope to declare the FA electoral process held on 18 June 2011 as invalid over several infringements made by members of the FA in the run up and during the 2011 elections.

They allege that the current administration of Najih Humoud had manipulated the local media and FIFA, ousting the former FA president Hussein Saeed as a nominee and illegally changing the formation of the FA general assembly and FA statutes.

They allege that the FA manipulated the general assembly and FIFA to gain an unfair advantage for Najih Humoud’s group to win the elections and take over the FA. The appellants claim that on 23 April 2011 at a congress meeting in which the FA general assembly increased the number of its members from 63 to 72, in violation of art. 24 of the Iraq FA statutes. The FA allowed non-members of Congress to represent clubs as follows: Fawzi Haidar Mohammed, an equipment manager at the FA represented Pires, Sadiq Abdul-Hussein, a competitions department employee at FA, represented Zakho, Hashim Al-Badri, a journalist at Al-Malaab, represented Peshmerga, while a driver at the FA known only as Majid, represented Al-Naft.

Presidential candidate, Hussein Saeed declared that he stood down as FA president but did not withdraw his nomination for the FA presidency. He claimed that the FA under Najih Humoud had rescheduled the elections for June 18 when he was in Mexico fulfilling his duty as a member of FIFA’s organising Committee at the U17 World Cup and unable to attend the elections in Baghdad.

A week before the elections, Najih Humoud had also allegedly met with 36 members of the FA at his home in Kufa to gain their votes against Falah Hassan, dubbed ‘the South and Middle of the Euphrates River Block’.


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