FA president Najih Humoud categorically denies Zico has not been paid

Only hours after Zico himself posted on his own website stating that he had not been paid by the Iraq FA for nearly five months, Najih Humoud in an interview with Omar Qahtan posted on youtube, explicitly denied that there was any problem with Zico or money owed to him, also claiming that Zico’s contract ran until 2014. Though if this is true then why was the FA renegotiating a renewal of Zico’s contract with his manager Antonio Simões da Costa in Baghdad as a source close to the FA president reported earlier this month.

The FA president mentioned that training for Iraq’s crucial World Cup qualifier against Japan would start on August 7 in Baghdad, with a friendly match in Amman on August 14 with Mali.

FA member Qadir Shamkhi on July 25 in an interview with Al-Sumaria News also rejected the idea that Zico had not been paid, and called on anyone to display proof regarding the allegations.

A day later Al-Maleab published an article reportedly quoting Salam Kamil, Zico’s translator in a phone interview from Madrid, denying that Zico had not been paid by the FA. Though Salam Kamil has since stated that he had never made any such statements. He claimed that he was contacted by a spokesman from the FA.

Have the FA’s lies come back to haunt them?

For the past year, we have heard announcements after announcements from FA members Najih Humoud, Abdul-Khaliq Masoud, Kamil Zaghir, Qadir Shamkhi and Naiem Saddam on Zico’s imminent arrival to Baghdad but the Brazilian coach never arrived. Recently the FA reported that Zico demanded the FA to organise a training camp and friendly matches before the Japan game however Zico came out publicly to rubbish the FA claims and stated he had made no such demands.

The truth will out.


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