FA transparency over Zico payments backfires

The Iraq Football Association today posted details of the transactions of the monthly payments made to Zico from August 2011 when he was appointed coach of Iraq.

The documents indicate that Zico has so far been paid $1,718,750.00 US (the last payment made on May 31, 2012, which itself was a late payment for the month of March 2012), confirming that the Brazilian coach has not been paid for five months. Zico is due $781,250.00 US from the FA for the months of April, May, June, July and August.

Zico’s annual wage comes to $2,500,000.00 US.

The FA made 11 payments to Zico however the Brazilian coach was short changed by $781,250.00 US. From September 10 and on the tenth of each month Zico was expecting a monthly payment of $156,250.00 US however as the FA’s documents prove many of the payments were not paid on time, the first payment coming on October 17, 2011. Nor did the payments include the $650,000 US that should have been Zico’s first installment when he first signed on August 28 2011 (There is no mention of this payment in the documents released by the Iraq FA on July 30).

17/10/2011 €112,077.25 EUROS – $155,505 US
20/10/2011 €342,128.57 EUROS – $471,703 US (3 Months Salary)
01/11/2011 – $156,250.00 US DOLLARS
28/11/2011 €117,054.42 EUROS – $154,993 US
15/12/2011 €119,137.36 EUROS – $155,037 US
29/02/2012 €231,774.94 EUROS – $311,295 US (2 Months Salary)
22/03/2012 €117,786.62 EUROS – $155,948 US
31/05/2012 – $156,060.00 US DOLLARS
Total: Approx. – $1,716,791 US DOLLARS

The Iraq FA hoped that its apparent transparency would prove to their doubters what FA officials have already been stating in the media from last week that everything has been paid to Zico however the disclosure of the transactions have only managed to prove that Zico is still owed money.

There is no mention of the wages paid to Zico’s assistant and brother Edu and fitness coach Moraci Santanna in the documents posted by the FA.

Download the eleven page pdf document from the official Iraq FA website here

The Iraq Football Association had posted an earlier file on their website that included 16 pages which was removed – it can be downloaded here

Meanwhile in an interview with Al-Arabiya TV, Tariq Ahmed of the Iraq FA reiterated that Zico had been paid fully. Zico himself stated that he had not been paid since March and was owed five months wages by the FA.


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