Zico’s contract

The interesting thing of note regarding Zico’s contract with the Iraq Football Association is that it does not mention anything about selecting the squad of players, only to supervise, check, coach, organize and direct the team. It describes Zico as Head Coach.

One other interesting clause in his contract is clause C.

“To refrain from any public or private statement, against the Association, the administration, the players, as well as other people or legal entity that the association is connected to, either as a sponsor or as other commercial partner, to any media”

Clause D is even more intriguing

“Not do disclose any information to any third party about the present agreement or nay fact which might fall to his attention whiles is employed in current position regarding the administration of the association, the players individually and the team.”

It seems that the FA wanted to cover its backs if Zico discovered anything, meaning he could not speak publicly about it.

Clause 6 of the contract states that if payments are delayed for 60 days than the coach has the right to terminate the contract by sending a notification by fax or by hand and if the FA does not pay after 15 days of the notification, the contract is terminated.


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