Whose to blame? The coach, the FA or the players

Everyone from the fans, to the (ousted) players and key members of the FA have blamed Zico for the recent run of results.

But ask yourself, if results have been the same for the past few years, and the only thing that has changed is the coach than who is to blame, Zico, the FA or the players?

The FA says it has delivered everything the coach has asked for. Have they? This is an FA that cannot speak the truth, whether it comes out of the mouth of Najih Humoud (He recently claimed that Zico insisted on the Brazil friendly while the he wanted to play Uzbekistan), or Abdul-Khaliq Masoud, Kamil Zaghir or Riyadh Abdul-Abbas (who recently called Zico a dictator!!, and then stated that there have been no administrative errors made by him or the FA, what about the constant visa problems, Mr. Riyadh).

We all know the people that are to blame, and they have been the problem for the last few years.


One thought on “Whose to blame? The coach, the FA or the players

  1. he need to players to word together. he need to be friendly and to call the right players for selections.

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