Why the lies Mr. Hakim?

We have all got use to the daily lies statements made by the officials of the Iraqi Football Association, whether it is the FA president Najih Humoud or his trusty side-kick and compulsive liar Abdul-Khaliq Masoud, but it has become pandemic, with the temporary media spokesman for the FA coach getting among the act.

In a post match interview with MBC on Sunday after Iraq lost to Tunisia in Sharjah, the coach made a statement that Karrar Jassim had been recalled to the team for the Gulf Cup. However the player yesterday confirmed to the Iraqi media that he had not been contacted by anyone at the Iraq FA.

The player was not even eligible to play in the Gulf Cup because he had not been named in the initial 35 man squad sent a month before the tournament, nor did the FA replace him for any of the 5 changes permitted by the organising committee eight days before the competition.

The bizarre statement from Hakim Shaker comes a month after he had stated to the journalist accompanying the Iraqi delegation in Doha that his mission with the Iraqi team had been completed after the 0-0 draw with Bahrain and that he would return back to Baghdad and train the youth team. 24 hours later the coach denied publicly he had even made such a statement.

So why the lies Mr.Hakim?


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