Petrović names squad, Nashat and Salih Sadir recalled

Iraq coach Vladimir Petrović has selected a preliminary squad of thirty-five players from the Iraqi league for the crucial upcoming World Cup qualifiers in June. The Serbian, who has spent the past three weeks scouring the Iraqi league for new talent to rejuvenate the national side, has named six newcomers and recalled Nashat Akram, Samal Saeed, Salih Sadir and Mustafa Karim.

The squad was announced on Sunday by FA spokesman Naiem Saddam, who also declared that the Serbian coach would keep the door open for other players to prove to him that they were worthy of a place in his team.

Foreign based players Younis Mahmoud, Salam Shaker, Ali Rahema, Ahmed Ibrahim and Ahmed Yasin were not called-up for the short training camp that will begin on Monday at 6pm at the Al-Shaab Stadium.


Hulgard Mulla Mohammed, Ali Faiz, Saad Abdul-Amir, Amjad Radhi, Nabil Sabah, Jalal Hassan & Hardi Saimand (Arbil)
Amir Sabah, Ali Adnan & Khaldoun Ibrahim (Nadi Baghdad)
Alaa Abdul-Zahra, Saif Salman, Mohanad Abdul-Rahim, Ali Bahjat & Salih Sadir (Duhok)
Mustafa Jouda (Al-Kahraba)
Nour Sabri & Samal Saeed (Al-Naft)
Mustafa Nadhim (Al-Najaf)
Karrar Tariq (Al-Masafi)
Mohammed Jabar Rabat (Al-Minaa)
Mohammed Abdul-Zahra, Humam Tariq, Muthanna Khalid, Mustafa Karim & Hamadi Ahmed (Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya)
Mohammed Hamed, Walid Salim, Dhargham Ismail, Ahmed Fadhil, Nashat Akram & Amjad Kelaf (Al-Shurta)
Basam Qabil (Al-Sinaa)
Haidar Sabah & Ashraf Abdul-Karim (Al-Zawraa)

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