Three foreign based youth players interviewed (on Al-Fayha TV)

Nice interview with Rami Sami, Steve Saad and David Dawood. I wish them all the luck in their playing careers.

Have a look at David Dawood Ishaya from Chicago, where he plays for Shlama. Looks a good player. Hopefully we will see him in the MLS in the future.

The club David represents was named after a Nineveh based club of the same name founded in 1988 by Deryawish Ishaya known as Abu Dawud. The team was made up of Assyrians from local schools and colleges in the area and after many Assyrians were forced to leave the city of Nineveh after the US invasion in 2003, many lived as refugees in Amman, where a team called Shlama was formed after the team first formed by Deryawish Ishaya, and then after many of them moved to the United States, a team was formed in Chicago, named Shlama FC. The team played in the National Soccer League Indoor League for the first time in season 2009-2010, finishing third in the league. David Dawood Ishaya was top scorer for the club with 21 goals in 15 games and won the Golden Boot Award for the second division.


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