4 thoughts on “Pictures from the 90s – Al-Zawraa

  1. There is a picture of saddam husein in the fans place i hope that dictator is in hell right now and god never forgives him i hope so !!

  2. Thank u so much for this blog!!!! you are the best iraqi soccer blogger, so much good info. I always visit this site when i need to know about my national team, thank u!!
    you should never quit this blog, never!!!

    By the way, i’m the guy “IraqiSwe” on aliraqi.org:P keep posting!! 😀

    (please answer this so i know you read it, i’ll be happy)

    • Hey why i can’t register in aliraqi.org , I tried several times but i can’t , cuz it always say “the administor has disabled registaration”
      I mean it’s like a month im trying to register and this message appear , should i do something to register … ?

      Please anwser !!!

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