Assyrian legends of Iraqi football: Edison Eshay


Edison Eshay (b.1933)
Residence: Modesto, California

Edison was one of the most skillful players of his generation, who started his career as a player in his early teens for local teams in Habbaniya. He played for the Iraqi Air Force Club from 1955-1965.

Edison was characterised by a number of qualities in technical skills, and abilities that can rarely be found in one person; he was patient, swift, delicate-natured, strategic planner, and dexterous. He rose to the peak alongside with the two C.C. team capable players Youra Eshaya and the late Ammo Samson.

During ten years Edison was the most outstanding player in the Iraqi national teams and in the Air Force team that he was selected by the Iraqi League as the best player for the year in 1958.

He played for the Iraqi national team from 1955-1965 and participated in almost sixty games played in more than fourteen countries.

From 1976, Edison, known as Eddie David in the United States, worked as a coach for Modesto High School soccer varsity in California and from 1979, he was coaching Academica Club, and from 1981 as a coach for University of California, Stanislaus.

It is worth mentioning that he obtained an honorable certificate in coaching from East Germany.

Number of games played against foreign teams: 60


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