The incompetence of the Iraqi FA

The FA had organised a friendly game in Baghdad on May 22 against Yemen and a second game with Iran in Dubai on May 27.

But the Yemenis informed the Iraqi FA after a letter from the AFC they would have to decline the offer, when the AFC told the Yemeni FA that they would be responsible for the safety of the Yemeni players. Then the UAE FA told the Iraqi and Iranian football officials, that because they had not sent official confirmation of the game, they would not be able to host the game in Dubai. The Iranians and Iraqis went back to the drawing board and held talks on the match being held in Baghdad or most likely Tehran.

Iraq looked to organise strong warm-up matches to prepare for the World Cup qualifiers in June, and the names of Mauritania, Lebanon, Liberia, Central African Republic and Gambia, have been mentioned and even posted on FIFA’s official website, but the truth is that the Iraq FA don’t have a clue and now the Iraqi side could face Oman, Australia and Japan, without playing a single warm-up match.

The Iranian FA have decided to cancel the only game, the Iraq FA have managed to organise, after the Iraqi FA had failed to give the Iranians an answer on having the match played in Tehran. The Iraq FA replied to the Iranian only yesterday, when they had expected an answer five days ago.

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