Ahmed Yasin explains friction with Hakim Shaker

In Iraq, we sadly know nothing about true nationalism; we only seem to talk about it. After years of indoctrination under imperialist education systems, and then nationalist based party politics, we now base the running of a country on empty words rather than actual truth and ideals. Generation after generation, one dinosaur after another teaches his kids the backwardness of the past, but for what, for Al-Watan, or for the leaders of the country to keep us ignorant.

Like Hakim Shaker, we’re all a product of this, however rather continue walking in the footsteps of a lost man, we need to step back and understand why this is happening.

Hakim Shaker is an actor, who loves the limelight, search his name on youtube and you will find over 20 interviews on Iraqi TV. However in the history of the national side, I have not seen a coach with so little integrity and or insincerity in what he says. He mentions one thing and we find out later, that he had done the complete opposite.

We long for the days of Adil Basher, Ismail Mohammed and Ammo Baba, but with Hakim Shaker and the Iraqi FA of today, living as if they were running football in the 1920s. No vision, nor any ability to advance the game forward.

Hakim Shaker will go down in history as one of the worst coaches in the history of the national team, a coach that has no coaching credentials of any merit, nor any honours as a club coach. A man lacking in every department as a football coach, and also as a human being. A man that self congratulates himself on his achievements with the Iraqi youth team but cheats in youth competitions with overage players.

A man, that like many Iraqis in high places of authority, that got his job because of Wasta. This is the age we live in, and Iraqi football is sadly not immune to this disease.

Hakim Shaker, you’re a disgrace to Iraqi football and its pioneers such as Ammo Baba, Abdelilah Mohammed Hassan, Mohammed Najib Kaban, Georges Elias and Adil Basher.

You love your nation with positive words and actions, not with empty talk and lies. Why so much hatred towards Ahmed Yasin and Yaser Kasim and the rest of Iraq’s european contingent.

These players give everything for the nation of their ancestors, but instead of praising and lauding them, they are condemned for displaying love to their country despite living outside of Iraq.

“Are they Iraqi” asks Hakim Shaker.

I ask Mr.Hakim, did their families not suffer as other Iraqi families, and do they not have family and friends that lost their lives in the troubles of our nation.

What is an Iraqi? This great nation, I feel has been sold cheaply with empty talk from a person that likes to believe and explains to me that he understands more about Al-Watan then myself.

This man serves our opponents more than he serves Iraqi football.

In Iraq, we send a plumber to do the job of a mechanic and a waiter to do the job of a government official, and a belly dancer to train the national football team.

We expect and demand better than empty words, the same kind of words we have been spoon fed from an early age. We want change, and with dinosaurs in high places, we will get the same rubbish we have suffered for more than 30 years.

I call a spade, a spade, and you Mr.Hakim Shaker and the Iraqi Football Association, your mentality and way of thinking is keeping us in the age of ignorance. Put that on Facebook, you fat belly dancer.


One thought on “Ahmed Yasin explains friction with Hakim Shaker

  1. its true hakeem is not a real coach he dont know what to do with iraqi national team except explaining and repeating the iraqi`s national songs and make em cry he can a good motivator but not a coach
    anyway we know iraq has a very good players inside and outside the country those players need a real coach . a coach from Europe, Brazil, America who know a lot a bout soccer training through using the modern technology , im pretty sure none of the iraqis local coaches have the ability to improve those players skills.

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