Indonesia 0-2 Iraq [watch complete game]

A chance to see Iraq’s Asian Cup qualifier with Indonesia, which for many Iraqi fans was cut short after the national anthems finished.


FIFA calls for new elections

BAGHDAD (AFP) – Football’s world governing body FIFA has told Iraq’s embattled football association to hold leadership elections by January after the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) ruled the last vote invalid, an Iraqi football official said.

“On Friday, we received an official notice from FIFA recommending the new elections be held on January 20,” Iraqi Football Association (IFA) Vice President Abdul-Khaliq Masoud told AFP.

“We are waiting for additional recommendations from both FIFA and the Asian association regarding the supervision of these elections,” he added, referring to the Asian Football Confederation.

FIFA’s request follows contested IFA elections in 2011.

The football governing body subsequently issued a statement clarifying that they were merely asking IFA to respect the decision made by CAS.

“The Court of Arbitration for Sport… ruled that the Iraqi Football Association (IFA) elections held on 18 June 2011 are invalid, null and void and new elections have to be organized by the IFA Executive Committee as soon as possible,” said the FIFA statement sent to AFP.

“Under art. 68.2 of the IFA Statutes, IFA is obligated to ensure its full compliance with decisions of CAS. Accordingly, FIFA has requested the IFA to implement the decision of CAS as soon as possible and by no later than 20 January 2014.”

Switzerland-based CAS made its decision after claimants alleged multiple problems with IFA’s last leadership elections in June 2011.

The claims were made by IFA general committee members including defeated candidate Falah Hassan, and ranged from accusations that IFA failed to hold a preparatory meeting prior to the elections and violated FIFA rules regarding the election of new committee members.

As a result, CAS mandated that IFA hold new elections by January 20 for the 11-member executive committee, which includes the president and two vice presidents — an order supported by FIFA.

IFA is currently headed by Najih Humoud, who won the disputed 2011 elections over Hassan, a candidate who was unofficially backed by the government.

Although FIFA insists that football must be free of politics, in Iraq politics permeates nearly everything, especially football.

In July, FIFA barred Iraq from hosting international football friendlies due to a surge in violence, reversing a decision three months earlier to allow the country to host such matches.

Hakim one of the best in Asia, but the worst in Iraq

George Dubya Bush once said ’fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.’ It seems Hakim Shaker has fooled everyone even the AFC panel when they selected him as one of the best Asian coaches of 2013.

His nomination comes on the back of the great performances of the Iraqi Under 20 side at the 2013 World Youth Cup, the players finished in fourth place, the best ever finish for the country.

So if you consider this achievement, then Hakim Shaker should be nominated and should be named the winner, but lets scratch under the surface, and see who this guy is.

His side features a selection of supposed ‘youth’ players who have used forged documents to alter their true ages and apply for passports to play at youth level, some have even change their names. So if this is true, and as time goes by these allegations are starting to become clearer, can the fourth position be considered as an achievement.

This has been the mantra of the Iraqi FA from the inception of the youth team or Montakhab Al-Shabab from 1973 so to Iraqis this is not something that is new to them or its ‘youth’ football team.

Apart from the integrity of the man, which is dropping like the rain that is drowning regions in the country, there are allegations that Iraq U-20 player Ali Adnan had handed the coach a payment of $50,000 US from his transfer to Turkish club Rizespor this summer, and that prior to the World Youth Cup, one player alleged that he was asked by the coach to pay $10,000 US to make the team.

Asia maybe a vast continent, but the AFC should at least nominate people on merit, and while Hakim Shaker has fooled Asia and the World, the Iraqi public is starting to wake up to who Hakim Shaker really is.

Najih Humoud and Abdul-Khaliq Masoud reply to CAS ruling

FA president Najih Humoud and his side-kick Abdul-Khaliq Masoud spoke live on satellite channels Abu Dhabi Sport and Al-Jazeera Sport and spoke as if the CAS ruling did not matter.

Abdul-Khaliq Masoud – States that he should not be speaking about the ruling because the CAS ruling was secret also note how many times he says ‘Korat Al-Kadem’ .

He says the FA will begin new elections.

The Iraq FA used the media before and during the elections and spread many lies about the candidates -that they withdrew and dropped out, Hussein Saeed only resigned and did not withdraw from elections.  CAS ruled that the 2011 elections were illegitimate  for a reason. Kamil Zaghir and Naiem Saddam should not have been allowed to run in the elections because they were not nominated by their clubs, Al-Siyaha and Al-Kahraba.

They also tried to stop ex-FA president Hussein Saeed and Mahmoud Al-Saadi of Talaba from running and then attempted to get Falah Hassan removed.

Members of the FA, including presidental candidates Falah Hassan and Mahmoud Jassim,  appealed to Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) over the legitimacy of the FA elections held on June 18, manipulating the size of the FA congress from 63 to 65 and then 75 and the teams that would be promoted to the first division.

Truth will out.

3. Notification of the Congresses

IFA uses the media to announce its incoming activities, including the announcements of the commencement of its extraordinary congresses, often on a short notice. Such practice allows IFA to select the delegates it wishes to be present. In the 23 April 2011 controversial extraordinary congress that increased the number of its members from 63 to 72, in obvious violation of art. 24 of the IFA statutes, IFA allowed intentionally a false and non-member of Congress to represent clubs as follows: Fawzi Haider Mohammed, equipment manager at IFA represented Pires Club, Sadiq Abdul Hussein, a competitions department employee at IFA, represented Zakho Club, Hashim Albadri, a journalist at Almalaeb Sport Daily, represented Peshmerga club, Majid, a driver at IFA, represented Naft Club, Dhaher Abbas, an official at Duhok Club, represented the Club, Haider and another official at Duhok Regional Federation, represented the Federation.

CAS rule 2011 FA elections null and void

After more than a year of deliberation the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) have today ruled the 2011 Iraq FA elections won by Najih Humoud as null and void.

The appellant’s lawyer Nezar Ahmed made a statement on the award.

“CAS considered the elections that took place on June 18, 2011, null, void and illegal and considers their results canceled and the Iraqi FA will organise new elections as soon as possible according to FIFA rules,  the current administration of the Iraqi FA  has lost its legitimacy is not entitled to represent the Iraqi football.”

The appellants have sent a  FIFA and the AFC to activate  Art.17 of the Rules of Procedure of FIFA and Art.15 of the Rules of Procedure of the AFC for them to recognise and deal with the Iraqi FA administrative body devoid of legitimacy.  And  also consider any decisions taken by the administrative body as illegitimate and void and  ask FIFA to appoint a temporary immediate based on this exceptional case.