Najih Humoud and Abdul-Khaliq Masoud reply to CAS ruling

FA president Najih Humoud and his side-kick Abdul-Khaliq Masoud spoke live on satellite channels Abu Dhabi Sport and Al-Jazeera Sport and spoke as if the CAS ruling did not matter.

Abdul-Khaliq Masoud – States that he should not be speaking about the ruling because the CAS ruling was secret also note how many times he says ‘Korat Al-Kadem’ .

He says the FA will begin new elections.

The Iraq FA used the media before and during the elections and spread many lies about the candidates -that they withdrew and dropped out, Hussein Saeed only resigned and did not withdraw from elections.  CAS ruled that the 2011 elections were illegitimate  for a reason. Kamil Zaghir and Naiem Saddam should not have been allowed to run in the elections because they were not nominated by their clubs, Al-Siyaha and Al-Kahraba.

They also tried to stop ex-FA president Hussein Saeed and Mahmoud Al-Saadi of Talaba from running and then attempted to get Falah Hassan removed.

Members of the FA, including presidental candidates Falah Hassan and Mahmoud Jassim,  appealed to Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) over the legitimacy of the FA elections held on June 18, manipulating the size of the FA congress from 63 to 65 and then 75 and the teams that would be promoted to the first division.

Truth will out.

3. Notification of the Congresses

IFA uses the media to announce its incoming activities, including the announcements of the commencement of its extraordinary congresses, often on a short notice. Such practice allows IFA to select the delegates it wishes to be present. In the 23 April 2011 controversial extraordinary congress that increased the number of its members from 63 to 72, in obvious violation of art. 24 of the IFA statutes, IFA allowed intentionally a false and non-member of Congress to represent clubs as follows: Fawzi Haider Mohammed, equipment manager at IFA represented Pires Club, Sadiq Abdul Hussein, a competitions department employee at IFA, represented Zakho Club, Hashim Albadri, a journalist at Almalaeb Sport Daily, represented Peshmerga club, Majid, a driver at IFA, represented Naft Club, Dhaher Abbas, an official at Duhok Club, represented the Club, Haider and another official at Duhok Regional Federation, represented the Federation.

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