How to get into the Iraqi Olympic team, just three simple steps

Want a place on the Olympic squad, just follow these simple steps

Above Mohammed Hadi Mutanash – Reserve at Naft Maysan.

1- First bung the FA 10 dafater ($10,000)

2- Make sure you also pay the middle-man

3- If the top two don’t get you a call-up, make sure your father is coach.

Olympic coach Hadi Mutanash

The Iraq national set-up, where players gain a call-up only if they pay $$$ and where coaches are appointed on wasta. Hakim Shaker and Hadi Mutanash (won a league on the back of the work of Dr.Kadhim Al-Rubaie after he took over weeks before the end of the 1994-95 season to clinch the title) at the helm of the top two jobs in the country, not one could be considered one of Iraq’s best coaches.


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