Hadi Mutanash “Ali dropped because of his papers, Amjad and Ahmed Yasin for their behaviour”

The Iraq FA coaching staff continues to defend the omission of Ali Husni, Amjad Walid and Ahmed Yasin. Hadi Mutanash supposedly the coach of the Olympic side however he confirms that Hakim Shaker who will attend the WAFF Championship in Doha in some kind of capacity asked him to omit Amjad Walid and Ahmed Yasin because of previous problems with them.

However on the case of Ali Husni, he was omitted because his papers were not complete, this is despite Abdul-Karim Farhan team administrator confirming that the WAFF Championship is not an official tournament and rules as they do in the AFC U-22 Championship do not apply. This means that Ali Hosni could have taken part in the WAFF Championship because it’s not a youth tournament.

Don’t expect much from this tournament, the coaching duo Hakim Shaker and Hadi Al-Mutanash have already put forward their excuses, and publicly stated they’re not going to Doha to win the tournament. Hadi Mutanash says that he did not have enough time to form a new side, so majority are national players (Hakim’s players) and they will play together and majority of them will play for Iraq against China in the Asian Cup qualifiers. So if this is true, this WAFF tournament and the Under 22 tournament are preparations for the last Asian Cup qualifier. Great planning.

In true honesty Ali Husni, Amjad Walid and Ahmed Yasin are better off not playing for Hakimovic and Al-Mutanash, this is their team not Iraq’s. Stop believing whatever these people say.

Note: Farhan Shakur selected for the WAFF Championship is injured after he was involved in a car accident.


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