Hakim Shaker recalls Ahmed Yasin

New Olympic coach Hakim Shaker has put his differences with Swedish based Ahmed Yasin behind him and selected him to play in the AFC Asian U-22 Cup this month.

The player wrote on his official Facebook page

Dear fans, its my pleasure to announce that I will be joining the National U-22 team soon, after forgetting all the differences and problems that happened recently, because the interests of Iraq is more important.  I would like to thank all the people who intervened in this.  I love Iraq and its people and will be doing my best for them. I’m now just waiting for my club’s official approval and I will be with the team on the first flight.

According to Yousif Alkhafajy the sudden change of heart in the ongoing saga between the player and the coach came after several top football personalities based in Iraq and Qatar, including the uncle and father of player Ali Adnan, were able to mediate the problem and settle the issue after talks with Ahmed’s father, who contacted the player in Sweden. Both parties have now apologised for any ill feelings and are prepared to open a new chapter in their working relationship.


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