Is Hakim Shaker using Ahmed Yasin to appease the fans?

Yesterday, Hakim Shaker reconciled with Ahmed Yasin, and recalled him to the Olympic side. This move came after his official website was bombarded with messages from Iraqi fans attacking the actions of the coach and how he treated several of the players, such as Ali Husni and Amjad Walid, and all of the foreign based contingent.

This led one of the moderators on his official Facebook page to make a public statement on December 21.

“Why this attack on Hakim Shaker? Who benefits from these attacks on the best coach in Asia and the head of the best team in the World Youth Cup who gambled on a group of players and led them to a world achievement, who benefits from these ‘arrogant’ attacks arrogant! As everyone knows all these attacks scheduled from 5 journalists known to each their agendas external to kill the national spirit in Iraq to kill the creators and intellectuals who want good for this country, and you O Hadi Mutanash how shameful for your media statement saying that Hakim Shaker is one of the farthest Hakim Shaker on this statement better withdraw from the national team training , and even if it’s true, this news did not take the words of coach if you’re confident with your choice ? How will defend your players and cadre training and you decided not to call Ahmed Yasin, under the pretext that Hakim Shaker is responsible for him not being called ? But with the knowledge that Hakim Shaker called on him for being called many names to represent the national team but he refused to enter the object of anyone in the squad and has full confidence because the names wants to be necessitated by the team… Beware, beware there are ‘arrogant and fierce’ attack led many to drop Captain Hakim Shaker and all the honourable, creative and intellectuals in this country …Ali Al-Mawla

On January 4, there was another statement from Ali Al-Mawla claiming that there were several false statements attributed to the coach which had been made to provoke problems between players and the coach.

This move to recall Ahmed Yasin looks very much like a damage limitation scenario by ‘dangling a carrot’ to the fans with the inclusion of Ahmed, but will he call up Ali Husni or Amjad Walid? Was Ahmed the lesser evil, considering the other two have made severe allegations against the coach?

We have been here before when Hakim took over and recalled Younis Mahmoud.

If current results continue then the fans will be on his back once again.


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