Hakim Shaker laughs off criticism

Hakim Shaker continuing to try and get his name into Guinness Book of World Records by being interviewed by every TV station on the planet, was today interviewed by Qatar’s Al-Kass channel and was defiant as ever.

On air, Iraqi sports journalist Ayad al-Salihi from Al-Mada newspaper criticised the coach which caused him to chuckle after he was advised to  work and focus with one team and give the opportunity to others with other national teams. His reply that his only ‘problem’ was that he had been successful with each team.

Since 2011, the coach has gone from coaching the U-20, the national team, the U-20, the national team, and now the U-22 and after the AFC U-22 Championship he will supervise the national side against China – using virtually the same group of players.

Where in the world can U-20 players go onto represent the U-22 and the national side so quickly? Mohammed Hamed, the goalkeeper of the Iraq U-20, U-22 and the national team. This farce has to stop, Raad Hammoudi and Nour Sabri were supposedly first choice for the national side at 20 years of age. Nowhere in the world will you see the whole national side replaced by the youth team.


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