Kooora forums censors thread on Iraqi age-fraud

Not for the first time, the Iraqi Kooora forums have censored and deleted a thread on age fraud in Iraqi football teams.


Maybe the moderators see this as harming the reputation of Iraq and its football, but it only protects and continues this method that is itself harming Iraqi football at youth and senior level.


One thought on “Kooora forums censors thread on Iraqi age-fraud

  1. This happened to me too when I created an article about age fraud a few weeks ago and they simply removed it. In the article I was talking about how Mohanad Abdul-Raheem used to be known as Mohanad Abdul-Rahman and was actually born in 1989, not 1993.

    The Kooora moderators didn’t seem to believe it, but what’s funny is that I actually got that info from their website itself!!! See here: http://web.archive.org/web/20100214163740/http://kooora.com/default.aspx?player=64634

    Kooora used to list him as being called Abdul-Rahman and being born in 1989, but now they list it as 1993. Clearly he has changed his age and his name too but people just pretend like it didn’t happen.

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