Hakim “surprised” by news of negotiations days after confirming it on his facebook page

The future of Iraqi coach Hakim Shaker is up in the air and we’re none the wiser over where he is going after his recent statements.

After an article from Al-Sabaah Newspaper, claiming the Iraqi coach was holding talks with the Omani FA to succeed French coach Philippe Burle, however Hakim Shaker has told the Oman Daily that the news was “absolutely not true.”

He was quoted “Currently I have a commitment with the Iraqi Olympic team, I’ll not think of changing my job without any formal charge by the Football Association, and I want to make the Iraqi people happy and all the people of my country.”

He added “Like others I was surprised by the reports by some news agencies and news media about me being in the negotiations with the Football Association of Oman.”

This came days after his own official facebook site posted a photo of the coach and an Omani FA official sitting at the team’s hotel -with a description below confirming that the coach had held negotiations with the Omani FA about a contract.

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