Duhok wear Colombia’s jersey

Adidas have taken the unprecedented step of confirming that they have ‘no relationship’ with Iraqi club Duhok, who play in a similar jersey to the Colombian national side – a team sponsored by the German sportswear designer.

The company released a statement insisting that they “neither sponsor nor produces sports equipment for Duhok” and stressed “We value our relationship with the Colombian FA and are investigating as a matter of urgency, the similarities between these two facilities.”

“The design of the Colombia national team jersey is unique to the Colombian FA and was inspired by symbols of Colombian culture,” says Adidas.

It added that Adidas were investigating the situation urgently and would take the necessary measures to protect our trademarks and registered designs nationally and internationally.”

Iraqi clubs are known for wearing jerseys of other teams, and only last season, Lazio’s tifosi were up in arms by the use of a club design by Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya.

It seems the new Iraq has yet to catch up to the rest of the word regarding copyrights and trademarks.


One thought on “Duhok wear Colombia’s jersey

  1. Everybody loves Colombia!!!

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