Hakim Shaker calls up another expatriate

Iraqi coach Hakim Shaker has called up another expatriate player, Dutch based Anmar Al-Mubaraki of FC Emmen.

This comes days after he called up two players Justin Meram and Rawez Lawan, plying their trade in the MLS and the Swedish Allsvenskan.

However one should ask the question, what reason is Hakim Shaker calling them up now? Iraq does not have any matches scheduled in the coming months.

It’s not the first time this has happened, and Rawez Lawan is the only one that understands that it has become a game, because even he states he has had no contact with the FA or the coach (who he says he does not know) this is despite Hakim Shaker claiming to Wara Sports TV that he had spoken to the player’s father regarding his Iraqi nationality, passport and national identification.

The 27 year-old Lawan of IFK Norrköping told Iraqfpg.com

” I’m not currently ready to play for Iraq for many reasons, as well as I do not know a lot about the team and do not know who the coach is. All I know is that they’re a good team so it is very difficult to I play for them in the coming period.”

“It’s an honour and it gives me great pride to play for the Iraq national team, but when you do not have those strong desires to maybe go out and play and I do not offer that level that the fans and spectators demand”, explaining that the decision was in the interest of the national team, because he felt he could not do something for them but would perhaps be with them in the future.


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