Amjad Walid backs down and apologises to Hakim Shaker

The Al-Zawraa player Amjad Walid has backed down, ‘forgetting what had happen’, and apologised to the Iraqi coach Hakim Shaker for his outburst. The winger has been one of the best performers in the Iraqi league, and the Iraqi fans and media have called for his inclusion in the national side. He stated that ‘maybe’ the statements were made because he was upset. He had claimed that the coach Hakim Shaker had asked for a bribe to play for the youth side at the World Youth Cup.

I ask one simple question, ‘Do the people in power always win even though they’re in the wrong.’

“Is this the New Iraq?, where honesty and truth are merely words,” no person makes these kinds of statements as the player had done last summer without there being some truth behind it.

Just to note, the player only apologised or mentions that he wants to ‘forget’ what happened but never retracted what he had said. If what has been alleged against Hakim is true then it sums up why Iraq is where it is.



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