Dr. Riyadh Abdul-Abbas on Studio Al-Malaab

Former FA employee and current ‘consultant’ or ‘expert’ Dr. Riyadh Abdul-Abbas spoke of the problems in the FA, the elections, sports in Iraq in general, and where Iraqi football is going.

Quite funny how he makes some of comments on the show, because when he was part of the Iraq FA, he was doing exactly the same as he’s accusing others in the current FA of doing. When the ‘job for the boys’ are no more so goes the support, in respect to Dr. Riyadh Abdul-Abbas, in his history with the national side, youth team of 1988 and 1989, and his club career with Al-Rasheed and Al-Shurta and his time in Qatar and Malaysia, he never made such remarks when things were favouring him. Nothing has changed from 2003 onwards in Iraqi sports. Thank you for speaking out Dr. Riyadh on what’s happening, but I won’t hold by breath if the situation changes for you and the FA opens a door for you, because you’ll make a 180 u-turn. Thanks again.

Iraqi football, and sports in general, needs to change from its roots, ‘a re-education’ of thought from the people that run these administrations.


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