Fake Moolah

Fake Moolah

About to assume your throne, another chair, akhhh al-Ka-rasi.
Another prince’s illegitimate son, another stolen principality, to be handed,
To the un-elected, pre-selected, easily-corrupted scum, our sect-led demo-kracy – souped theocracy, mandated dictatorship, to form a beautifully elected plutocracy.
Cigar smoke, kerish choking that shirt, stomach nor pockets empty, pacha, cha-ching.
They gave you a title, Al-Mu-llah.
Though, you couldn’t have been more poor-ly,
un-educated in the truth, schooled in the deceitful bliss.

Bes youm Uruk is overflowing with fake milk-sheikhs, God-fearing men who like to believe they know Him.
So we’re left to swallow this لورنس جزيرة العرب  mythological-story, wa al-wataniya, ishtarakiya wa hizb aldiniya – wa hisa jabow Ale rasna al- demo-karasi – sold to my grandfather, my father, now I’m asking for a refund. – this khara is faulty wa al-muwalada kharbana.

Happy (“Saeed”) and Successful (“Najih”), they all come before you, and now, lastly we have the illegal and criminal tender, Al-Mullah.
But haven’t we paid enough? or do our children have to be trained-drained too, so now the youth will have to carry you, through.

Though this breed won’t wait, even the dinosaurs died out too, so you won’t be there for long.
There’s no mercy in these streets, remember Nuri El-Said?

Loogie, loooti, klaw-chii, what to call you? Just another ignorant apprentice of ibn Al-OujaMooooolllaaaahh.
Would be happy with the waraka of the carving of the Code of King Hammurabi but no, mullah, only takes 10,000 dafater$
With each victory, reality can’t subside or be denied. Ya $Mullah.

So take your place, on your throne, take what you want, and go, follow, your ancestors, and we’ll let the palaeontologists dig you up, later.
Sightless lead the vision-less, but everyday/everything/everyone comes to an end-point/of death, so Mullah today is the lesson, tomorrow, is tomorrow.

We’re forever indebted, to you, for teaching us so much, now we know what not to do.

Now I know.

This has to happen, like what came before, so we can learn some more, so our great-great-great grandchildren’s  great-great-great grandchildren can benefit in the future, we’re the dinosaurs.


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