Iraqi football stars take part in parliamentary elections

Five former Iraqi footballers will contest the Iraqi parliamentary elections, set to be held on April 30.

This is not the first time Iraqi players have tried to set into the world of politics, former Iraqi captain Ahmed Radhi has been a politican in the past, and is contesting the election this time around. 1986 World Cup members Karim Saddam and Rahim Hamed have tried and failed in previous elections.

Ironically, most of the candidates have chosen their shirt numbers which they wore during their playing days on the electoral lists, which nominated them.

And as it stands Ahmed Radhi, who was nominated for the united list headed by Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama Al-Najaifi where he holds the 8 on the electoral list, the same number that the former striker worn on the back of his jerseys when he was playing for Iraq and Al-Zawraa.

The club president of Iraqi champions Al-Shurta, Ayad Banyan is on the reform headed by former Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Al-Jafari, No.2 on the list and former Iraqi and Nadi Al-Jaish captain Hassan Farhan is on the White list, using his number 5.

Riyadh Abdul-Abbas, the former Iraqi player and team manager of the national side under Zico, is on the Muwatan list, with his old No.7 shirt number.

I love Riyadh Abdul-Abbas’s poster, very try hard, considering this guy couldn’t do anything right when he was part of the Iraq FA, couldn’t even book flight tickets for the national team.


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