FA general assembly call for postponement of elections, Al-Mullah tells media ‘they’ve no right’

FA elections to be postponed

Mullah cries wolf

It looks like this one is set to run and run. The general assembly is putting together a list of signatures to try and delay the elections, while Mullah (now a changed man) said that any forgery of signatures would be dealt with, and that the AFC president told him that the elections should be held on time or face sanctions. Just ask yourself one thing, why is a candidate calling up the president of the Asian Football Confederation, Mullah and Najih Humoud who are the two candidates for the presidency, should’ve stood down and have no mandate to make decisions or statements in the name of the Iraq FA.

Al-Mullah has also made statements in a press conference, mentioning that the case involving Zico’s unpaid $600,000 US or Zico-gate should be opened. This was clearly to smear the reputation of his former friend and now rival Najih Humoud. For every decision made by Najih Humoud in the previous or current administration (because even though CAS have annulled the previous elections this administration still continues to run as it did before CAS made its ruling). So for every decision made by Najih, Al-Mullah was 100% behind him. This attempt to distance himself is fooling no one.


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