Issued IDs prove Iraq FA fielded overaged youth side in 2000

The Iraq U-20 won their last AFC U-19 Youth Championship in 2000, however identification cards issued early this year by the Iraqi Ministry of Youth have proved that majority of the players Iraq fielded in their victory 14 years ago were overaged, with some like Basim Abdul-Hassan, Ammar Ahmed and Mohammed Abdul-Zahra being 26 years of age at the time of the tournament held in Tehran.

The list also includes Mahdi Karim, whose actual year of birth is 1977, the same age as Uday Talib, Yassir Raad and Haitham Kadhim Tahir all players that have presented Iraq in age restricted tournaments. Nour Sabri was born in 1980 which means he was also ineligible for the 2000 AFC Youth Championship.


No. Full Name Pos. DOB Club
1 Ahmed Ali Jabur GK 02/08/82 Al-Zawraa
3 Basim Abbas Kati D 01/07/81 Al-Sinaa

4 Haidar Abdul-Amir Hassan D 02/11/82 Al-Zawraa
5 Munaim Yousef Ibrahim D 02/11/81 Al-Shurta
6 Samih Sabih Amir Al-Atwani M 20/07/81 Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya
7 Emad Mohammed Ridha F 05/07/82 Al-Zawraa

8 Ahmed Ibrahim Adwan F 01/01/81 Al-Talaba
10 Ahmed Salah Alwan F 18/06/81 Al-Zawraa
11 Alaa Abdul-Sattar Jabar M 10/03/83 Al-Zawraa
12 Haidar Abdul-Razzaq Hussein D 06/06/82 Al-Talaba
13 Basim Abdul-Hassan Khudhair D 17/08/81 Al-Jaish
14 Emad Aoda Mahoder D 15/11/81 Al-Minaa

15 Hassan Turki Attiya M 01/07/81 Duhok
16 Mohanad Nassir Shiltaq M 04/04/83 Al-Zawraa
17 Arkan Najib Shamoun M 02/07/82 Al-Zawraa
18 Jassim Mohammed Ghulam D 11/03/81 Al-Jaish
19 Salah-Al-Deen Saimand Tahir D 03/07/81 Arbil
20 Ammar Ahmed Hanoush F 02/07/81 Al-Zawraa

21 Mohammed Abdul-Zahra Majhool GK 01/01/81 Al-Najaf
22 Nour Sabri Abbas GK 18/06/84 Al-Kadhimiya
24 Ahmed Manajid Abbas F 13/12/81 Al-Karkh
25 Nashat Akram Abid Ali M 12/09/84 Salah-Al-Deen

NOTE: Ahmed Salah and Alaa Abdul-Sattar were on the standby list, as the official list for the competition only had 20 players plus 2 others incase of a player dropping out due to injury or any other reason.

The players highlighted in BOLD were ineligible for the 2000 AFC Youth Championship which was an Under 19 competition.


The dates of births of Basim Abdul-Hassan (b.17/1/1974), Mohammed Abdul-Zahra (b.2/6/1974), Salah-Al-Deen Saimand (3/3/1978), Hassan Turki (b.8/2/1978), Ahmed Manajid (b.13/12/1978), Samih Sabih (b.20/7/1978), and Munaim Yousef (b.10/10/1981).



Jassim Mohammed Ghulam (b.11/3/1979), Nashat Akram (b.12/9/1984), Alaa Sattar (b.1/7/1981).



Emad Aoda (b.15/11/1976), Uday Talib (b.6/11/1977), Ammar Ahmed (b.24/10/1974), Haitham Kadhim Tahir (b.20/11/1977), Yassir Raad (b.25/6/1977).


Basim Abbas (b.10/8/1979), Haidar Abdul-Razzaq (b.23/10/1978), Mohanad Nassir (b.13/7/1980), Ahmed Salah (b.12/3/1980), Ahmed Ali Jabur (b.15/1/1979), Emad Mohammed (b.24/7/1979), Haidar Abdul-Amir (b.2/11/1979), Loay Salah (b.10/2/1980), Mahdi Karim (b.10/12/1977).



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