Mohammed Majeed: The Jewel of Kirkuk

The sporting public in the city of Kirkuk still remember the many footballing memories of the great player Mohammed Majeed of the late 50s and 60s and the different teams he played within the province of Kirkuk.

Born in the city of Kirkuk in 1938, Mohammed began his playing career within the Kirkuk Nasheen under coaches Fakhri Ocks, Ahmed Jalal and Kamal Abdul-Qader and was later promoted to the first team of the well-known club Al-Faisal (Al-Thawra) and from there he moved to Al-Maslaha Naqil Al-Rakab (Public Transport Service) team in Baghdad in 1959, to play alongside his elder brother Fadhil, also an international.

And as a result of his great performances he produced, he was called up by Hadi Abbas, the coach of the Iraqi national select XI for their journey to play teams in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and other Eastern Europe countries and after the team’s return, he became a regular in the Iraqi national team in 1961.

His was selected as the best player during the 1961/62 season and was topscorer for all the Iraqi teams, the Iraqi Army, national side and the Baghdad XI, which he played for.

He was given several nicknames by journalists over his playing career including Dynamo Al-Montakab (National team Dynamo), Malik Al-Wasat (King of Midfield), the Maestro and the Midfield Emperor due to his great ability of scoring goals from midfield.

He was a member of the victorious 1964 Arab Cup side and played at the 1965 Pan Arab Games in Cairo.
Mohammed Majeed’s Facebook page


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