League season cancelled, no winner declared.

The Iraq FA yesterday declared in a statement that the 2013-2014 Iraqi league season had been cancelled due to the troubles in the country. The league, one of the longest in Iraq’s history, had been expected to have been cancelled after the 2014 elections that saw Abdul-Khaliq Masoud ushered in as FA president.

However after consultations with Iraqi government authorities, it was decided that with many matches yet to be played and with evening matches unable to be held and travel difficult between provinces, that the league would be cancelled with no champion nor any teams relegated and four teams promoted for the new season.

The 2014-2015 season is expected to start in September.

League leaders Al-Shurta and Arbil will represent Iraq in AFC club competitions.


3 thoughts on “League season cancelled, no winner declared.

  1. Are you sure that there are no winners this season? I have read on many websites that the title has been given to Al Shorta.

  2. For example, kooora says that the league has been ended with the current standings rather than being cancelled (http://www.kooora.com/default.aspx?c=9566). Do you know whether or not kooora (which has been very reliable in the past years) is correct or not?

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