Hakim Shaker “Peru game will be preparation for Asian Games”

Hakim Shaker claims in his interview with Al-Etejah that he decided not to select Yaser Kasim and Ahmed Yasin for the international friendly against Beru (Peru) because they wouldn’t be available for the Asian Games in South Korea.

“In some of our newspapers sadly claim that we beat a team from the fourth division, by your God, did we play a fourth division side?” says the ‘surprised’ Hakim.

The Statesman speaking in the third person insisted that the teams the Olympic side played weren’t from the fourth division, and then the presenter Hamza Al-Quraishi (who was part of the Iraqi delegation in Turkey) noted that he had knowledge that the clubs Iraq played were from the third division and one from the first division last season that was relegated into the second division. http://youtu.be/5UoDXr6e6yw?t=28m26s

I ask, which clubs are these?

The first team Iraq played was Kemer Tekirovaspor from the Spor Toto 3. Lig, the fourth level of Turkish football and the second was Konyaaltı Belediyespor from the Türkiye Bölgesel Amatör Ligleri 7.Grup (the 6th tier of Turkish football), a representative team of the Antalya Municipality. Both these teams are based in Antalya. The Iraq FA claims that the second team they played were Konya Şekerspor, a third division side, which wasn’t true.

Hakim then notes that these games prepare teams for tournaments, adding that Brazil even plays teams representing companies and institutions and beats them by 15 or 16 goals! What Brazilian side plays teams representing companies and institutions? – the team of Scolari or Carlos Alberto Parreira?

A word to the presenter, are you a walking advert for Hakim Shaker or his defender? Sidka or Zico played Nadi Muaither and beat them by 11!! A correction, the score was 1-0.

Hakim Shaker stated he was proud that the Iraqi jersey was hanging on the wall of team director of the Turkish sixth division club.

According to Hakim Shaker there’s no pitch for the Olympic side to train on, and that he phoned Sharar Haidar and said tomorrow, Al-Karkh wouldn’t train (so the Olympic train could train at Al-Karkh stadium). One simple question in all of Baghdad, is there only Al-Karkh stadium and Al-Shaab? Why does Al-Karkh have to stop training for a day, does the Iraqi team’s training session take up 6 or 7 hours?

The presenter mentions the “achievements” under Hakim Shaker, second at the WAFF Championship and second at the Gulf Cup and third in the world (he means the World Youth Cup because in Iraq senior and youth football is all the same as the players are all the same age) and the Asian U-23 Cup.

When you note that two of those tournaments were achieved in age group competitions with overaged players and the WAFF Championship included mainly reserve and Olympic teams while Iraq were the only one with their first team players then how are these achievements?

In the most difficult times, what about the 1986 World Cup side, they were in a war, and the 2007 Asian Cup side, don’t make yourself out to be Superman or the sole defender of Iraqi football Mr. Hakim Shaker.

Also one last note, would Adil Basher or Ammo Baba be proud of these so called achievements? Did Adil Basher come back in 1966 from Tripoli and shout and scream to the Iraqi public that Iraq were second at the Tripoli Cup to Morocco as an achievement? These coaches won 3 Arab Cups, 3 CISM World Military Championships, 3 Gulf Cups, qualified for two Olympic Games, one Asian Games and a Merdeka Cup. If they had finished second in any competition, they wouldn’t mention it as an “achievement” because they wouldn’t stoop that low.

Hakim Shaker forever the “emergency” coach of Iraq lowing expectations and continually striving and fighting against everyone as he climbs a molehill but insists to the world that it’s Mount Kilimanjaro and planting the Iraqi flag into the ground. Hakim speaks as if he’s the last and only living nationalist in Iraq.

Even in Saddam’s day there wasn’t this kind of servile showing by the Iraqi media to the Iraqi coach, the channel should have began the interview with the line ‘this advertisement for Hakim Shaker has been brought to you by Hamza Al-Quraishi of Al-Etejah’.


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