Head of Iraq FA committee pursuing age fraud: “All five of Iraq’s youth team victories were won with age fraud”

The head of the committee to pursue cases of age fraud, Mohammed Alwan told Al-Sharqiya TV that all five of Iraq’s youth team victories were won with age fraud. Iraq’s Under 19s won the AFC Youth Championship in 1975, 1977, 1978, 1988 and 2000.

Mohammed Alwan was appointed by the Iraq FA without a wage to pursue cases of age fraud and admitted the scourge of age fraud was present in Iraqi football with the knowledge of the Iraq FA. He stated that he wouldn’t be on the side of the Iraq FA nor the players who committed fraud.

However his appointment looks rather theatrical especially as he stated that there are no cases in the current Iraqi youth sides at present, “Tazweer has exited the FA,” he proudly claimed.  But he also mentioned that the Iraq FA can not drop a player they suspect of age fraud if he has the correct ID.

This new committee only seems to further strengthen the FA’s grip to make sure that no one can expose them, making sure the players have the correct ID (forged ID) so it will be impossible for the FA to be caught out.

This committee is unpaid but this does not mean it has no loyalties as each member comes from the FA itself. This committee should’ve been set-up by the Ministry of Youth which would have the resources and will pursue cases impartially.

Also if cases are exposed, Mohammed Alwan states that the club and the coaches would be punished and fined, not the FA. This committee works for the Iraq FA and its members to protect them instead of aiding to expose and eradicate tazweer from Iraqi youth football.

He describes Rawan Al-Nahi from Belgium as “a expatriate” (to portray that the attacks at the FA are coming from abroad). Mr.Al-Nahi is currently studying in Belgium. Lets not pretend that Mr.Alwan or the Iraqi FA works for the benefit of the nation but only as a lawyer covering all avenues to avoid themselves getting punished by FIFA or the AFC.

People ask why journalists such as Rawan Al-Nahi expose these cases of tazweer in the media, this is why, the people at the top know about it and currently the Iraqi youth side has at least 10 cases of overage players at the AFC Youth Championship in Myanmar is evidence of this, and they use this committee to white-wash any cases to protect its members. The Iraq FA doesn’t want to eradicate tazweer because it aides and benefits them and keeps them in their jobs.

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