Iraq 3-0 Sydney Olympic FC

Iraq 3-0 Sydney Olympic FC
Marwan Hussein 14, 31, Alaa Abdul-Zahra 88
IRAQ: Mohammed Hamed (Jalal Hassan 65’); Ali Adnan (Dhargham Ismail 65’), Salam Shaker [c] (Ali Bahjat 79’), Ali Faiz (Ahmed Ibrahim 68’), Samih Saeed (Salam Shaker 85’); Mahdi Kamil (Yaser Kasim 65’), 9 Osama Rashid, 19 Ali Husni (Amjad Kelaf 65’), 11 Ahmed Yasin (Alaa Abdul-Zahra 65’), Justin Meram (Humam Tariq 79’), 20 Marwan Hussein (Younis Mahmoud 65’).

Note: Salam Shaker came off and then came on minutes later after Samih Saeed was injured!


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