Osama Rashid: From Alphense Boys to Farense (In English)

Osama Rashid Alphense Boys to Farense
By gerard haverkamp | Posted June 29, 2015 |

Osama Rashid this week leaves Alphense Boys to get started at Sporting Clube Farense in Faro, which plays in the Portuguese Segunda Liga as a professional footballer. He has agreed a one-year contract. Next Friday is only the medical examination. When that goes well, Osama Rashid will immediately join up with the team. Starting tomorrow (Tuesday) to prepare for the new season.

The “transfer” of Osama Rashid was last night announced via messages on social media. “That was not the intention. Today I wanted to inform first Alphense Boys, but suddenly everything comes into momentum, “says Rashid. This morning he informed the board early, technical advisor Kees Jansma and trainer Aad van den Berg. “Everyone responded positively happy. It’s given me hope. ”

Osama Rashid came with his parents as a refugee to the Netherlands at a young age and went through the youth academy at Feyenoord. He failed to turn professional with them, but a few years ago he was selected for the Iraqi national team. Via FC Den Bosch and Excelsior Maassluis Rashid came two years ago playing at the Boys and was a key player in midfield. In his first season he scored six goals.

Last year, the Boys narrowly missed being promoted to the big league, Rashid scored seven goals. The 23-year-old player made the nationwide sports news when he was in the winter with Iraq in Australia when he participated in the Asian Cup tournament “Until the Asian Cup I had no agent, but then dozens contacted me. Eventually I asked Sean Choi to accompany me further. He is a Korean living in the Netherlands and was real. He immediately said it would be difficult even to make the transition from amateur to professional at my age. One time there was interest of a club from Saudi Arabia, until two weeks ago Farense showed interest. ”

“Both the coach and the technical director were immediately concrete,” added Osama Rashid. He immersed himself in the history and the plans of the club, which in the eighties and nineties witnessed its best years in the Portuguese league. In total, Farense spent 23 years in the Primeira Liga, where they finished fifth in 1995 and played European football. “After that, the club had financial troubles and ended eight years of punishment even went down to the amateur level. Since then Farense has been jotted, financially stable, two years ago they reached the Segunda Division, promoted to the Segunda Liga, the second highest level in the Portuguese professional league. ”

“What I will do is to compare financially with the Jupiler League in Netherlands and the level is just a bit stronger. It’s a big competition; We play 46 games. Naturally, I’ll remain available to the Iraqi national team, “said Rashid, who will be living in an apartment in Faro. “I see it as a wonderful opportunity to still achieve something in professional football. Should the unexpected not happen, then it’s a great experience to go through once. In pre-season, we’ll play against Sunderland and Bristol City. I’m looking forward to it already. I will do my best to make it a success. ”

When asked on social media last week what were his plans for the new season, Osama Rashid replied: “Simple, be champion with Alphense Boys’. Now: “How fast things can go. I expect the Boys even without me are also going to make it. Even though we failed to get promoted, I had two wonderful years with the team and will certainly continue to follow Alphense Boys. ”

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  1. Hi!

    I’m making the Iraq All Time Team in PES 2013.

    Who is for you the best ever iraqi 23 squad? The best goalies, defenders, midfielders, etc…Can you help me?

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