Delusions of grandeur


Read it in comments on social media, go on Kooora forums or watch pundits on satellite TV even some Iraqi fans believe the Iraqi team can qualify for the World Cup!!! Just change the coach and bring back Younis they say!!! Lesh mo Ahmed Radhi or Falah Hassan, or Raad Hammoudi, wait and see, we will finish in last in the group if the changes continue. Iraqis have forgotten how to build, they just argue, they should get Mahdi Al-Karkhi to coach Iraq instead of Radhi. You know there are 30million opinions in Iraq and 29,999,999 of them are useless!!!


Radhi Shanaishel is the best Iraqi coach at the moment bar Thair Ahmed with his achievements in the Iraqi league, and even with Al-Sayed we will never qualify for the 2018 World Cup, I’ll use Nashat Akram’s words “We’ll dream and we’ll still not qualify.” They should replace the whole Iraqi coaching staff and appoint the beIN Sports commentator Ali Lafta or the journalists Adnan Lafta, Haidar Zaki, Hassan Al-Baidhani or even the Iraqi cheerleader Mahdi Al-Karkhi, and let them manage the team and get tactics from Facebook and let fans or FA officials to pick the team. Mahzala. Iraq record-wise is the worst team in their group and people still think Iraq is strong as in the 1980s and 2007, discussing how it will qualify for the 2018 World Cup! Change this and get this player in, don’t select him, try another player, play 4-5-1 or play 5-4-1.  What a soap opera!

What do you think?

The FA will use coach Radhi and then they will let him go when fans start to ask for him to be sacked. For me it makes no difference, bring Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, Yahya Alwan, Hakim Shaker, the late Ammo Baba, these players, the Iraqi FA, the league, its facilities, player diets, the pitches,  no training pitches, the training programs with no fitness coaches employed by most clubs and the whole system of Iraqi football and how the FA organises international football – FIFA match days and friendly matches without the professional players and this is what you get. Radhi is the best Iraqi coach but even he is not Superman, if he cannot do it, a man with his knowledge and experience, having played and coached in the Iraqi league and captained Iraq than coached the Lions of Mesopotamia, than no one can do it.

People forget Australia are Asian Cup holders (current not former), this was not mentioned once by the Iraqi media prior or during the game and some people still expect to beat the Asian champions on their own soil? The Iraqi media is another reason for this aberration, they give a pretence of Iraqi football superiority. Asian Under 14 champions with a team of 17 year-olds! They did not even tell the truth about how and why Iraq qualified for the Olympics in Rio (tazweer was the reason), against Brazil U-23 only 3 players were eligible the rest of the 8 players were overage!!! If the media told this fact rather than hide it than people would understand why Iraq is struggling at senior international level but the likes of Haidar Zaki and Hassan Al-Baidhani who like to create a Turkish Soap opera rather than tell the truth. Iraqi football is falling behind and it’s not the fault of the coach or the players. Look at Australia, they were gathered 72 hours before the game in Perth on the Monday and on Thursday they beat Iraq. Iraq are living in a bygone era of training camps and warm-up matches to prepare for the World Cup qualifiers, is this enough? Even if Iraq had the budget of the Japanese Football Association for the World Cup qualifiers, would Iraq qualify, do you just throw money at the problem?  Why should we even expect to beat Thailand, Saudi Arabia or Japan because its Iraq? What does that even mean? Out of the whole group Iraq has the worst league, stadiums, clubs and facilities and people continue to expect miracles? A complete delusion. Even when Iraq had a strong national team and clubs and league, the higher football authorities linked to the government avoided playing top national teams to portray this superiority, a complete facade and today it continues with the U17s, U19s, U23s and they think changing the coach will solve the issues. Going around in circles.

Iraq is behind other footballing nations and no swift/quick-fix/sweep under the carpet managerial changes or a 37-year-old striker will ratify that fact. Solve the real issues, the league, the funding of clubs, a complete revolution of the domestic game and then maybe Iraq can be a contender once more.


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